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ABBCO fuel pellets

Packaging details

Bulk or 1000kg Bags






Organoleptic characteristics of sunflower husk


Title indicators Characteristics of sunflower husk pressed granulated
Exterior view The granules of cylindrical shape
State of aggregation Solid organic substances
Color Black color
Smell Odour Characteristic sunflower husks without foreign smell (musty, mildew, burnt)




Physical and mechanical properties of sunflower husk


Indicator name Norm
Grain size:
- Diameter, mm
- Length, mm

4 to 15
5 to 50
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%, no more than 12,0
Ash content,%, not more than 4,0
Calorific value MJ / kg, at least 15,0
The bulk (poured) density, kg / m3, at least 500,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber, based on dry substance from 35.0% to 60,0%
Mass fraction of total sulfur,%, not more than 0,23
The amount of dust and talus (mechanical strength),%, not more than 5,0